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Travel the World from Home — Where Jesus Was Tempted In The Desert


The Holy Land:
Connecting the Land with Its Stories
Where Jesus Was Tempted In The Desert

Season 2 — Episode 3

We know that surviving in the wilderness is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical struggle. The Bible shows this reality through countless stories, including the Israelites wandering in the the desert for 40 years and Jesus retreating there for 40 days and nights. The key to both these stories comes from Matthew 4:4 when Jesus responds to satan saying: “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” So what exactly does that mean? Why did God allow His people to wander for so long before entering the Promised Land? And why did the Spirit lead Jesus into the wilderness to be alone?

In Episode 3, Jack Beck will answer these questions amid the rock and rubble of the Judean Wilderness, but first we'll enjoy a plentiful bedouin feast complete with good music and generous friends. His gracious host, Adnan, shares how his family has passed down the secrets to survival from generation to generation. After experiencing the hospitality, safety, and comfort of an evening with friends, Jack gets up the next morning to venture out into the wilderness to experience the harsh conditions and landscape that Jesus experienced when the Spirit called Him into the desert. Jesus was alone, hungry, and exposed to the elements where the wilderness makes the rules. It was similar to the Israelites' time when Moses led them into wilderness, but with one major difference—they faltered and failed many times while Jesus remained steadfast.

Before we judge the Israelites too harshly as we read Scriptures from our easy chair, we need to understand that everything boils down to one question that God is asking each of us: "Do you trust me?" Watch and decide for yourself.

Season 2 — Episode 3 | Where Jesus Was Tempted In The Desert

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