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Travel the World from Home — Jaffa: Where Peter Had A Change Of Heart


The Holy Land:
Connecting the Land with Its Stories
Jaffa: Where Peter Had A Change Of Heart
Season 2 — Episode 5

Jaffa, or Joppa as it's sometimes called, is a small port on the Coastal Plain. It's the location where Peter experienced a peculiar vision that was one of the defining moments of his life. As Jack Beck walks us through this interesting Bible story, we begin to see the incredible importance it had on Peter's life and what it holds for our lives today. Just as Peter had to do some soul searching, we will too as we answer these questions: Will I trust God and follow Him when I only see part of the picture? What might I be missing out on when I don't respond to God in faith?

In Episode 5, Peter was staying with friends in the uniquely Jewish sea port of Jaffa. It was a comfortable place for him because the people he interacted with were like him—fishermen, boat builders, sailors, and mostly Jews. But as he was relaxing on a rooftop by the sea one day, a mysterious vision broadened his understanding of religion, faith, and people. Peter was zealous in serving God the "right way," and God showed him how His church is broader and more diverse than he ever expected. Shortly afterward, Peter found himself up the coastline in Caesarea at the home of a God-fearing Gentile named Cornelius who wanted to know more about God. Peter witnessed how the Holy Spirit worked, and he came to understand how the gospel message is for everyone—not just Jews.

So follow Jack to Jaffa and watch as he brings the story of Peter's vision to life so you can decide for yourself: Just like Peter, will I step out in faith trusting that God has a plan?

Season 2 — Episode 5 | Jaffa: Where Peter Had A Change Of Heart

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