Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Travel the World from Home — The Doorstep to Israel: The Coastal Plains


The Holy Land:
Connecting the Land with Its Stories
The Doorstep to Israel: The Coastal Plains
Season 2 — Episode 4

You might think you're watching a commercial for some exotic destination when you push play.  And in some ways you are. Now is your opportunity to venture with Jack Beck into a part of the Holy Land that we normally don't think of when we read Bible stories. This captivating space offers miles of beautiful beaches, tasty food, and big city fun. The vibrancy and allure of the Coastal Plain which features the larger cities of Ashkelon and Tel Aviv might have you wondering, why did God choose the more rugged interior of Israel to begin His salvation story? And what is the significance of the Coastal Plain?

In Episode 4, walk with Jack as he explores the beaches, ruins, and ramparts of Ashkelon, one of the biggest cities in the Holy Land. You'll gain an insightful lesson in history and economics as Jack explains how this coveted land was conquered many times over the years as rulers desired its advantageous location. Travel north up the coast to another major city, Tel Aviv, where you'll walk through a colorful market and get a feel for the vibe of the streets and people. You'll even begin to understand the popular phrase, "Play in Tel Aviv, and pray in Jerusalem." This is one more insight into the Holy Land: God may have tucked His people safely away in the smaller, rural areas, but He used the location of the Coastal Plain to start the spread of the gospel. As Jack said, "When we read the Bible, it's not about the absence of stories in the Coastal Plain. If we focus there we won't get it. It's about the access that the Coastal Plain gives to the people of God that allows them to reach the rest of the world."

So come along on this exciting ride and see how God uses both the land and His people to spread the gospel.

Season 2 — Episode 4 | The Doorstep to Israel: The Coastal Plains

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