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Travel the World from Home — Where David Hid From Saul | Cave in the Judean Wilderness


The Holy Land:
Connecting the Land with Its Stories

Where David Hid From Saul | Cave in the Judean Wilderness
Season 2 — Episode 2

Wilderness is usually barren and lacks water, but there’s an oasis on the western side of the Dead Sea called Ein Gedi, which literally means “spring of the wild goats” in Hebrew. In this unusually lush and popular tourist attraction in the Judean Wilderness, David hid from King Saul in a cave. As a fugitive running for his life, David did some strange things that even confused his military men. When he had the opportunity to kill Saul, why didn’t he? And why did David call out to Saul, thus revealing his and his men’s location in the cave?

Episode 2 starts with Jack Beck doing what he does best—meeting people and sharing his love for the land and Bible stories. He then invites you into the story of how David transitioned from a simple shepherd boy into a mighty King all because he’d learned to trust God’s perfect timing for his life. You’ll understand why David had to hide from the king, and you’ll experience just how intense his years of running and hiding were as Jack takes you into the dark cave. You can almost feel the surprise of David’s men as Jack walks us through the story of David choosing to honor God’s timeline when it seemed easier just to kill Saul when he had the chance. But we can learn from David’s wise and humble decisions and find that when the Lord leads us into a personal wilderness, He will help us grow through it.

So join us on this storytelling adventure in the cave and understand why Jack confidently says: “When the Lord takes you into the wilderness, you do not come out the same person.”

Season 2 — Episode 2 | Where David Hid From Saul | Cave in the Judean Wilderness

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