Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Travel the World from Home — Where Jesus Was Born — Bethlehem


The Holy Land:
Connecting the Land with Its Stories
Where Jesus Was Born — Bethlehem

Season 1 — Episode 5

Have you ever wanted to see where Jesus was baptized? Or where the Transfiguration of Christ occurred?

The Holy Land, a biblical educational-travel series brought to you by Our Daily Bread: Connecting the Land with Its Stories, an eight-episode series hosted by biblical geographer Dr. John (Jack) Beck that takes you to regions throughout Israel to experience the land, the culture, and the customs that surround the sacred stories of the Bible.

In episode 5, visit the city of Bethlehem, a land filled with stories of provision and solutions. Meet Maher Canawati, an elected member of Bethlehem’s City Council, to explore the Church of the Nativity, the traditional site of Jesus’ birth. Uncover the connection between Old Testament and New Testament stories as you explore the oldest and most holy church in the world. Climb the church tower for views of Bethlehem that aren’t open to the public and reflect on how this land continues to remind us of the solution God provided through His Son, Jesus.
Season 1 — Episode 5 | Where Jesus Was Born — Bethlehem

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