Saturday, October 15, 2022

Verse of the Day for Saturday, October 15, 2022


Verse of the Day
Saturday, October 15, 2022

2 Samuel 7:22
How great you are, Sovereign Lord! There is no one like you, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears.
God's goodness is to David a proof of his greatness, and he sees it displayed, not only in his dealings with himself, but also in the past history of the Jewish nation. There is in this a depth of evangelic piety. An unconverted heart would see the greatness of God in the majesty of creation, or in severe dealings with the impenitent. David saw it in acts of mercy and kindness. We look upon Elijah as the very type of sternness, yet he too recognized the presence of God in "the still small voice" of gentleness and love (1 Kings 19:13).

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Scripture from the Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®.

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