Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Daily Prayer for SUNDAY, June 7, 2020
The Daily Prayer
SUNDAY, June 7, 2020

Seattle (1786?—1866)

Seattle was born in a Suquamish village along the Puget Sound. As a child, he witnessed the arrival of the first white folks in the Northwest. In his early twenties, he was named chief of his tribe and inherited the responsibility of dealing with the white settlers. He rejected the option of violent resistance and insisted on peaceful discourse. In 1830 he and many other Natives converted to Christianity. Seattle became a leader committed to integrating his faith within his Native culture and traditions. He eventually became very disheartened with the way he saw the white settlers treating the creation. He died on June 7, 1866, on the Port Madison Reservation near the city which today bears his name.

Seattle said, “Humankind did not weave the web of life. We are but one strand within it. Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves.”

Lord, you care for all of creation and watch over the earth and its inhabitants day and night. Help us learn to love all things created by your hand. Teach us that we are part of a larger tapestry woven together for the good of all. Amen.

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