Friday, May 15, 2020

The Daily Prayer for FRIDAY, May 15, 2020
The Daily Prayer
FRIDAY, May 15, 2020

On May 15 each year, many people gather for International Conscientious Objector’s Day, holding vigils, protests, seminars, and campaigns to draw attention to conscientious objection. A conscientious objector is someone who refuses to serve in the armed forces or to bear arms in a military conflict. This refusal is based on moral or religious beliefs. It is also noteworthy that May 15 is celebrated as Israel’s independence day and lamented by Palestinians as “Al Nakba,” meaning “the day of catastrophe.” We remember on this day the conflict in the Middle East. And we also celebrate conscientious objectors known as the Israeli Refuseniks.

Fourth-century martyr Maximilian said, “I cannot enlist, for I am a Christian. I cannot serve, I cannot do evil. You can cut off my head, but I will not be a soldier of this world, for I am a soldier of Christ.”

Lord, grant us courage to stand firm by the tenets of your kingdom—to seek peace and pursue it, to hunger and thirst for righteousness, to uphold the cause of the voiceless, to worship no other God before you. Amen.

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