Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Morning Prayer for SUNDAY, February 3, 2019

Sunday morning prayer

Fourth-century bishop Gregory of Nyssa wrote, “God has imprinted the image of the good things of His own nature on creation. But sin, in spreading out over the divine likeness, has caused this good to disappear, covering it with shameful garments. But if by life rightly led, you wash away the mud that has been put on your heart, the Godlike beauty will again shine out in you.”

Lord, we are all capable of denying you. Please help us to invite the lost back into your fold with humility, knowing all the while that we would ourselves be lost but for your grace.

Lord on this special day, I run into Your loving arms. May Sunday be a celebration, filled with thankfulness, where I connect with the presence of Heaven, seek Your beauty and goodness, and cherish special family time together. Come fill my heart afresh with Your love. May it overflow with Heaven's bounty, moving through this rest day and into the week ahead.

Lord on this special day,
I run into Your arms.
Spend cherished time with family,
And find shelter in Your palm.
May Sunday be a celebration,
Full up to the brim,
With Heaven's promise ringing loud,
And Your love flowing in.


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