Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Morning Prayer for SATURDAY, February 2, 2019

Saturday morning prayer

On February 2, the church remembers Jesus’ presentation at the temple in Jerusalem. Along with their newborn son, Mary and Joseph brought a sacrifice of two pigeons, the offering permitted in the law of Moses for those too poor to afford a lamb (Lev. 12:8). Despite their lack of wealth, however, these peasants from Galilee carried in their arms the salvation of the whole world. Simeon and Anna, a holy man and a devout woman of Israel, immediately recognized the incalculable value of the present they had brought.

Lord on this preparation day, I jump into all that You have given me. Might I embrace each part of this glorious time, enjoying the service, relishing in the challenges, engaging with the fun and celebrating with laughter.

Lord on this day, may I enjoy the beauty of the created world all around me. Might I run, drive, walk and sing in the freedom of this day! Thank you that right now I can feel Your love flowing through each vein of my being, causing me to pulsate with vision and life. Lord, on this day I jump into all that You have given me. Amen.

Lord, on this preparation day, I wake to live and give.
May it be a worthwhile day, fill up to the brim.
A day with service, laughter, work and play,
A time to run and sing.
May Saturday be a day I walk
And breathe your goodness in,
Enjoy the beauty all around
And freedoms joy within.

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