Friday, January 4, 2019

The Morning Prayer

Friday Morning Prayer

Lord on this day I am aware of the troubles and darkness in our world. Please come and lead me in prayers for my community, my nation and the world. You are the light that shines in the bleakest times, let your Kingdom be built on earth. May those who suffer be comforted, may those who are at war search for peace, and may those who are in pain find healing.

God, your word instructs us to be ready to give an answer for the faith that is within us. When that time comes, Lord, make us bold to proclaim that your love surpasses human knowledge. Let our answer be actions that mirror your love.

For the riches and fullness of our lives we praise You, O Lord. Your gift of life is precious, and even when surrounded by evils of all kinds, we acknowledge Your goodness to us. This goodness we have experienced in the unbounded mercy You showed us in Your dying and rising for us. We encounter it in the signs of Your presence and care in even the tiniest blessings of daily life. Forgive us our all too frequent failures to recognize Your gift of life in all its many facets. Forgive us for tarnishing the lives of others through thoughtless actions and the hurts we cause them. Instead, make us agents of Your enrichment of their lives and witnesses to Your salvation.

May Friday be a thoughtful day when Your Spirit leads my prayer. I trust each trouble small and wide, with faith into Your care. Let Friday always prompt my heart to stand upon the truth. Darkness has been overcome the Earth belongs to You.

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