Sunday, March 18, 2018

What is a disciple?

So what is a disciple?
What did it mean to be a disciple?
Are you a disciple?

I think about how a Christian might answer that question with "well yeah I believe in Jesus so I'm a disciple" or "yeah, I belong..."

Come, follow Ray Vander Laan, Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Christian Leaders Institute and watch these 3 videos then answer this question, "Do you have what it takes to be a disciple of Jesus?"
When The Rabbi Says "Come"
For a first century Jew, to follow a rabbi meant to "be covered with the dust of his feet." When Jesus called His disciples, it was implied that they would begin this process of becoming like Him by following closely in His footsteps. Travel through the Galilee with these followers of Jesus, and allow the dust to cover your feet as well. 
When The Rabbi Says "Go"
Most of Jesus' ministry was spent in Jewish communities, proclaiming the good news of God's kingdom to the people of Israel. His greater intention, though, was for His Jewish followers to bring this message to the Gentile world around them, a world that had not yet bowed its knee to the God of Israel. In this lesson, unpack this process of becoming the message of the gospel to an unfamiliar world with the early disciples.
  The Very Words of God
In ancient times, people craved words of counsel and knowledge from their gods. The city of Didyma in what is now modern-day Turkey functioned as one of three main oracles, places where ordinary people would travel to hear advice and predictions of the future from their gods. In this lesson, explore the mystery of this ancient phenomenon and consider: how far would you go to hear a word from God?

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