Friday, January 12, 2018

Prayer of the Day for FRIDAY, January 12, 2018

Lord God of Peace, Thank you for forgiving and healing me.

Once again I entrust myself to You. Your mercy is infinitely greater than my sins, and your healing greater than my pain.

Lord, You speak to your people through the word of testimony. Your Son Jesus Christ is the Eternal Testimony of you, our Father. The apostles gave testimony to his Resurrection. Believers through the ages have testified to the power of your grace. And we your people continue that testimony today. Lord, as I share with others my experience of despair and pain, of healing and redemption, may those who hear me be blessed.

And may I, your child and your servant, grow closer to you, as I proclaim through my testimony that we have a Savior, in whom is all our hope, our joy and our life, in whom is the victory over death and the hope of Resurrection, and that his name is Jesus!

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