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The Daily Readings for WEDNESDAY, April 19, 2017 - Easter Wednesday

Miércoles Santo (Holy Wednesday) in Cádiz, Spain

Morning Prayer

O God:
Give me strength to live another day;
Let me not turn coward before its difficulties or prove recreant to its duties;
Let me not lose faith in other people;
Keep me sweet and sound of heart, in spite of ingratitude, treachery, or meanness;
Preserve me from minding little stings or giving them;
Help me to keep my heart clean, and to live so honestly and fearlessly that no outward failure can dishearten me or take away the joy of conscious integrity;
Open wide the eyes of my soul that I may see good in all things;
Grant me this day some new vision of thy truth;
Inspire me with the spirit of joy and gladness;
and make me the cup of strength to suffering souls;
in the name of the strong Deliverer, our only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

The Introit

Alleluia! Christ is risen. The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!

The Old Testament Lesson

The Old Testament Lesson for today is taken from  Micah 7:7-15

But as for me, I will look to the LORD, I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me. Do not rejoice over me, O my enemy; when I fall, I shall rise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD will be a light to me. I must bear the indignation of the LORD, because I have sinned against him, until he takes my side and executes judgment for me. He will bring me out to the light; I shall see his vindication. Then my enemy will see, and shame will cover her who said to me, "Where is the LORD your God?" My eyes will see her downfall; now she will be trodden down like the mire of the streets. A day for the building of your walls! In that day the boundary shall be far extended. In that day they will come to you from Assyria to Egypt, and from Egypt to the River, from sea to sea and from mountain to mountain. But the earth will be desolate because of its inhabitants, for the fruit of their doings. Shepherd your people with your staff, the flock that belongs to you, which lives alone in a forest in the midst of a garden land; let them feed in Bashan and Gilead as in the days of old. As in the days when you came out of the land of Egypt, show us marvelous things.


Psalm 105:1-8
1   Give thanks to the LORD and call upon his Name; make known his deeds among the peoples.
2   Sing to him, sing praises to him, and speak of all his marvelous works.
3   Glory in his holy Name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.
4   Search for the LORD and his strength; continually seek his face.
5   Remember the marvels he has done, his wonders and the judgments of his mouth,
6   O offspring of Abraham his servant, O children of Jacob his chosen.
7   He is the LORD our God; his judgments prevail in all the world.
8   He has always been mindful of his covenant, the promise he made for a thousand generations:

The Epistle Lesson

The Epistle Lesson for today is taken from Acts 3:1-10

One day Peter and John were going up to the temple at the hour of prayer, at three o'clock in the afternoon. And a man lame from birth was being carried in. People would lay him daily at the gate of the temple called the Beautiful Gate so that he could ask for alms from those entering the temple. When he saw Peter and John about to go into the temple, he asked them for alms. Peter looked intently at him, as did John, and said, "Look at us." And he fixed his attention on them, expecting to receive something from them. But Peter said, "I have no silver or gold, but what I have I give you; in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, stand up and walk." And he took him by the right hand and raised him up; and immediately his feet and ankles were made strong. Jumping up, he stood and began to walk, and he entered the temple with them, walking and leaping and praising God. All the people saw him walking and praising God, and they recognized him as the one who used to sit and ask for alms at the Beautiful Gate of the temple; and they were filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened to him.

The Holy Gospel Lesson

The Holy Gospel is written in Luke 24:13-35

Now on that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem, and talking with each other about all these things that had happened. While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself came near and went with them, but their eyes were kept from recognizing him. And he said to them, "What are you discussing with each other while you walk along?" They stood still, looking sad. Then one of them, whose name was Cleopas, answered him, "Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem who does not know the things that have taken place there in these days?" He asked them, "What things?" They replied, "The things about Jesus of Nazareth, who was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people, and how our chief priests and leaders handed him over to be condemned to death and crucified him. But we had hoped that he was the one to redeem Israel. Yes, and besides all this, it is now the third day since these things took place. Moreover, some women of our group astounded us. They were at the tomb early this morning, and when they did not find his body there, they came back and told us that they had indeed seen a vision of angels who said that he was alive. Some of those who were with us went to the tomb and found it just as the women had said; but they did not see him." Then he said to them, "Oh, how foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have declared! Was it not necessary that the Messiah should suffer these things and then enter into his glory?" Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted to them the things about himself in all the scriptures. As they came near the village to which they were going, he walked ahead as if he were going on. But they urged him strongly, saying, "Stay with us, because it is almost evening and the day is now nearly over." So he went in to stay with them. When he was at the table with them, he took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized him; and he vanished from their sight. They said to each other, "Were not our hearts burning within us while he was talking to us on the road, while he was opening the scriptures to us?" That same hour they got up and returned to Jerusalem; and they found the eleven and their companions gathered together. They were saying, "The Lord has risen indeed, and he has appeared to Simon!" Then they told what had happened on the road, and how he had been made known to them in the breaking of the bread.

The Apostles' Creed

I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.

I believe in Jesus Christ, his only son, our Lord. He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended to the dead. On the third day he rose again. He ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen

Prayer of the Day

O God, whose blessed Son made himself known to his disciples in the breaking of bread: Open the eyes of our faith, that we may behold him in all his redeeming work; who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen

A Prayer for Grace

O Lord God, almighty and everlasting Father, you have brought us in safety to this new day: Preserve us with your mighty power, that we may not fall into sin, nor be overcome by adversity; and in all we do, direct us to the fulfilling of your purpose; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

A Prayer for Mission

Almighty and everlasting God, by whose Spirit the whole body of your faithful people is governed and sanctified: Receive our supplications and prayers which we offer before you for all members of your holy Church, that in their vocation and ministry they may truly and devoutly serve you; through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

Let us bless the Lord. Alleluia, alleluia!
Thanks be to God! Alleluia, alleluia!

Glory to God whose power, working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine: Glory to him from generation to generation in the Church, and in Christ Jesus for ever and ever. Amen

New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright 1989, Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved. The New Revised Standard Version Bible may be quoted and/or reprinted up to and inclusive of five hundred (500) verses without express written permission of the publisher, provided the verses quoted do not amount to a complete book of the Bible or account for fifty percent (50%) of the total work in which they are quoted.

Prayer of the Day for WEDNESDAY, April 19, 2017 - Easter Wednesday

O God, whose blessed Son made himself known to his disciples in the breaking of bread: Open the eyes of our faith, that we may behold him in all his redeeming work; who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen

Verse of the Day - April 19, 2017 - Easter Wednesday

1 Corinthians 15:20-22 (NIV) But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man. For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.

Read all of 1 Corinthians 15

Listen to 1 Corinthians 15

Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV® Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

Morning Devotions with Cap'n Kenny - "A Second Chance"

And as they went to tell His disciples, behold, Jesus met them, saying, "Rejoice!"
Matthew 28:9 (NKJV)

The Resurrection of Jesus reminds us that God provides second chances. When Jesus was crucified it came as a shock to His followers. They just did not seem to understand that He would be crucified and rise again on the third day. When the Crucifixion actually took place, it shattered their faith. But after His Resurrection we see the risen Lord seeking out these discouraged, disheartened disciples to revive them, to reignite them.

How easily Jesus could have written them all off and said, “You didn't stand by Me in My greatest hour of need; now I am not going to stand by you in yours.” But no—the Lord sought to restore them.

When Mary Magdalene went to the tomb of Jesus early in the morning, the angel told her that the Lord had risen. As she and the other Mary “went to tell His disciples, behold, Jesus met them, saying, ‘Rejoice!’ ” (Matthew 28:9). She found the living Lord to restore her hope and purpose in life.

Thomas missed the meeting when Jesus had appeared to the other disciples, but He reappeared when Thomas was back with the group. How gracious of Jesus to condescend to the skepticism of one single man. It almost appears that He came to that meeting simply to restore Thomas.

Remember the two discouraged disciples on the Emmaus Road? As He spoke to them, their deadened hearts began to reignite. “And they said to one another, ‘Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?’ ” (Luke 24:32). Jesus went out of His way to restore their hope.

Maybe you have doubts or fears today. The same Jesus who restored Mary, the disciples on the Emmaus Road, and the skeptical Thomas, will restore your faith. You too can find that Jesus gives second chances.

In Jesus,
Cap'n Kenny

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Scripture taken from the New King James Version®, NKJV® Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Devotion by Greg Laurie © 2017 Harvest Christian Fellowship; all rights reserved.

Un Dia a la Vez - Oración por ayuda familiar

Tú eres mi socorro y mi libertador; ¡no te tardes, Dios mío!
Salmo 40:17, NVI

Señor, hoy vengo delante de ti porque sé que muchas personas están conmovidas.

Reconocen que se encuentran en vicios. Reconocen que han tratado de avanzar por sus propias fuerzas y no han podido. También hay muchas mujeres que me han pedido oración por sus hogares a punto de destrucción. Dios mío, son mujeres que quisieran dejar sus casas porque ya no resisten más abusos. Incluso, han pensado regresar a sus países con tal de no seguir sufriendo, y ver a sus hijos tristes y sin esperanza.

Te pedimos, Jesús, tu intervención milagrosa. Toca en este momento a las personas que necesitan ser libres de esas ataduras hoy mismo. Además, dales, mi Señor, la libertad que desean.

A las familias que sufren con un ser querido esta tortura de aguantar abusos, golpes e insultos, Señor, dales hoy mucha valentía y sabiduría para dar los pasos de acuerdo con tu voluntad. Glorifícate, Señor.

Un Día a la Vez Copyright © by Claudia Pinzón

Standing Strong Through the Storm - THE BELT OF TRUTH

Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist…

The Roman soldier’s wide leather belt held the various garments and pieces of armor securely in place. Loose armor was not only uncomfortable, but also unsafe. The belt also held the scabbards for swords and daggers. It was foundational to keeping everything balanced and in place.

Truth secures everything in our spiritual life. We can’t know what is truly right or wrong apart from truth. In this spiritual warfare we wage, we “put on” Christ, Who Himself is the “truth” (John 14:6). This is our positional application of the belt. Putting on Christ Himself who is the truth enables us to talk, walk and “fight” proclaiming Christ, the truth.

On another application level, buckling the belt of truth around your waist is more than just seeking truth to find out facts. The servant-soldier of Christ who puts on the armor of God must be willing to overcome his own prejudices to find out the truth. He must struggle against his pride, which clings to his preconceived ideas and makes him unwilling to re-examine them and change his opinions.

Second, to wear the belt of truth means binding one’s whole nature together with inner integrity. The belt of truth refers to the knowledge of one’s own inherent wickedness, weaknesses and propensity to sin (Matthew 15:19; 7:4). King David said, Surely you desire truth in the inner parts; You teach me wisdom in the inmost place.(Psalm 51:6). This is why a servant of Christ must review the basics of having a humble spirit, mourning to God, seeking His meekness and hungering for righteousness.

Truth directly opposes Satan, the father of lies. His first challenge to Eve was to even question God’s truthfulness. When we know and walk in God’s truth, it sets us free (John 8:32).

Wuillie Marcelino Ruiz, an attorney and an evangelical Christian, was wrongly accused of and sentenced to twenty years at the maximum-security Castro prison in Lima, Peru for the crime of “terrorist collaboration” by a special faceless court. Growing up in a close-knit family, his mother’s death during the first year of his imprisonment was a cruel blow for him.

During a visit by an Open Doors team, Wuillie said, “Not everything inside the prison is sadness. Many of our fellow inmates are receiving Jesus Christ as the deliverer of their souls... God is touching the hearts of the authorities in Peru; here in the prison we are not treated so harshly anymore. As the scriptures tell us, we are not confined because the truth makes us free.”

Jesus is the Truth. Truth is on your side. Truth will win over the enemy’s lies. Fill your heart with truth and stand by it. Put on the belt of truth!

RESPONSE: Today I put on the belt of truth so I can stand strong against Satan’s lies.

PRAYER: Lord, help me fill my heart with truth today for it will set me free. May innocent Christian prisoners know that freedom also.

Girlfriends in God - Angels and Prayer

by Mary Southerland

Today’s Truth

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, NIV).

Friend to Friend

From the smallest concern to the biggest problem in our lives, God cares. If it is big enough to concern you, it is big enough to concern Him.

Author, speaker Holocaust survivor Corrie Ten Boom told of a remarkable experience at the horrific Nazi Ravensbruck prison camp.

Together we entered the terrifying building. At a table were women who took away all our possessions. Everyone had to undress completely and then go to a room where her hair was checked.

I asked a woman who was busy checking the new arrivals if I might use the bathroom. She pointed to a door, and I discovered that the convenience was nothing more than a hole in the shower room floor. Betsie stayed close beside me all the time. Suddenly I had an inspiration. “Quick, take off your woolen underwear,” I whispered to her. I rolled it up with mine and laid the bundle in a corner with my Bible. The spot was alive with cockroaches, but I didn’t worry about that. I felt wonderfully relieved and happy. “The Lord is busy answering our prayers, Betsie,” I whispered. “We shall not have to make the sacrifice of all our clothes.”

We hurried back to the row of women waiting to be undressed. A little later, after we had our showers and put on our shirts and shabby dresses, I hid the roll of underwear and my Bible under my dress. It bulged out obviously through my dress; but I prayed, “Lord, cause now Your angels to surround me; and let them not be transparent today, for the guards must not see me.” I felt perfect peace.

Calmly I passed the guards. Everyone was checked, from the front, the sides, and the back. Not a bulge escaped the eye of the guard. The woman just in front of me had hidden a woolen vest under her dress; it was taken from her. They let me pass, for they did not see me. Betsie, right behind me, was searched.

But outside awaited another danger. On each side of the door were women who looked everyone over for a second time. They felt over the body of each one who passed. I knew they would not see me, for the angels were still surrounding me. I was not even surprised when they passed me by; but within me rose the victorious cry, “O Lord, if You answer such prayer, I can face even Ravensbruck unafraid.”

God answers prayer. Sometimes He uses His angels to do so, but I believe the most important thing about prayer is that we pray!

Jesus longs for times of heart conversation with His children, dream sessions where we pour out all that we are and hope to be to the One who can make those dreams a reality.

Every problem, every concern is important to God. If it is important to me, it is important to Him. God is always waiting, ready to turn His heart toward the voice of His child as surely as a mother hears her baby’s cry above all others.

To think that God wants to talk with me, to hear my voice and listen to my deepest heart longings is an amazing thought. But it is a true thought. Prayer is simply conversation with God, but it is in those intimate conversations that battles are won and strength is gained.

In Biblical times, the high priest was the communication link between God and man. However, today, Jesus is our high priest, our communication link with God.

God sent His son Jesus Christ, the greatest communicator ever to walk the earth, so that He could make a way to reach us. The birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ make it possible for us to have an intimate relationship with Him, to communicate with God, right where we are.

I just know that our Father loves it – absolutely loves it – when we, His children, stop in the middle of our busy lives for no other reason than the fact that we love Him and just need to talk with Him. When I pray, I picture His head turning toward me, to the sound of my voice. He smiles, knowing that “Mary wants to talk with Me.” Yes, He is concerned with every ordinary detail of every ordinary day, but I suspect His greatest pleasure is found in the fact that we just need to talk to the One we love.

Let’s Pray

Father, I don’t know how to thank You for loving me. I praise You for the privilege and gift of prayer. I want to learn how to turn to You quickly and easily as I go through every moment of each day. I have to admit that I don’t understand how You can love me like You do, but I cherish that love and the freedom it offers to approach the throne of grace, confident that You will hear my voice. Thank You, Lord.
In Jesus’ Name,

Now It’s Your Turn

I want to encourage you to keep a journal of your journey with God. Carry it with you in your purse, briefcase or diaper bag. Write out your prayers to Him and then record the answers when they come. From time to time, look back over your journal entries and celebrate what God has done in your life.

More from the Girlfriends

You and I were created to live life at its best and to experience true success. To live that kind of life requires an unshakable faith that will see us through every storm and every trial we will ever face. An unshakable faith is the foundation for the abundant life Jesus came to provide for each one of us. In this powerful MP3 download, 4 Steps to an Unshakable Faith, Mary shares the four steps we can take to experience an unshakable faith.

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LHM Daily Devotion - April 19, 2017 "The Path"

Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

By Pastor Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour

"The Path"

April 19, 2017

... But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."  - Philippians 3:13b-14, ESV

In the Middle Ages, if you wanted to get closer to the Lord, had a small fortune, and a few years during which you weren't doing anything, you made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Average people who couldn't afford such an investment of time and money walked a different path: the Camino de Santiago.

Although the trek is known by many names, every path ends up at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the Spanish city of Galicia. Even today, the traditional, final resting place of the apostle, James the Greater, is a popular destination for cyclists, hikers, and present-day pilgrims.

Resurrection Sunday, two years ago, Denise Thiem of Arizona, was making that walk. She had quit her job at PetSmart's headquarters and set aside 90 days to make her solo hike.

It was an adventure Thiem never finished, and there is a reason why.

The reason is not that Thiem's feet couldn't take the strain; nor was it because she was not physically up to the walk. She was. It was not the water; it was not the weather; it was not that she ran out of time.

No, the reason Thiem never finished her journey was because she was misled by a fake trail marker -- a marker which had been set up by Miguel Munoz. Anybody who followed that marker was directed away from the saintly path and toward the small farm of Munoz.

Thiem followed Munoz's marker.

Munoz ambushed the 41-year-old woman, robbed her, beat her, murdered her, and buried her.

Eventually, Thiem was missed. The police discovered Munoz's deception and the shallow grave in which he had tried to cover his crime. He was tried and two weeks ago; a jury found him guilty of murder. As of this writing, the judge has not yet pronounced the punishment.

A tragic story? Absolutely. It is made even more so when one realizes that story is repeated numerous times every day.

No, I don't mean there are multitudes of individuals being mugged and murdered somewhere on a path in Spain. I do mean there are a great many who make a good start toward heaven but, somewhere along the way, someone misleads them. Rather than remaining faithful to the route the Lord has set down in His Word, they are seduced by shaky, second-rate human wisdom.

And they never get to their destination.

Far better to follow Paul's example and press on to the goal God has given. Following the Savior, trusting in His blood-bought forgiveness, and relying upon the Holy Spirit and the Word, we shall unerringly reach the goal God has graciously prepared.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, keep me safe on the path that leads to heaven. Let me trust You and reject the false pathways laid out by those who would deceive us. This I ask in Jesus' Name. Amen

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CPTLN Devocional de 19 de Abril de 2017

Alimento Diario

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Mejor de lo esperado

19 de Abril 2017

Hoy, en la ciudad de David, les ha nacido un Salvador, que es Cristo el Señor. Esto les servirá de señal: Hallarán al niño envuelto en pañales y acostado en un pesebre. Lucas 2:11-12, RVC

James Marshall estaba construyendo un aserradero en California cuando descubrió oro.

De acuerdo a la cadena de noticias CNN, en un mercado de pulgas una persona (que quiere permanecer anónima) compró un cuadro de una flor. Aparentemente, los $10 que gastó resultaron ser una muy buena inversión.

¿Cuán buena? Al parecer, al igual que James Marshall, esta persona "encontró oro".

Resulta ser que, cuando sacó la foto del marco, encontró un manuscrito de la canción patriótica "América". Dicha canción, escrita en 1831 por Samuel Francis Smith, fue designada para ayudar a las escuelas a inspirar e instruir a los niños. Cantada con la melodía familiar de "Dios Salve a la Reina" (del Reino Unido), fue ejecutada por primera vez el 4 de julio de ese mismo año en la Primer Iglesia Bautista en Newton, Massachussets.

Y ese manuscrito, ¿será que es una falsificación? Varios expertos dicen que no. Si están en lo cierto, ese trozo de papel podría valer decenas de miles de dólares.

Me hubiera gustado que esta historia hubiera sucedido en la época de navidad, ya que hay muchos paralelos entre ella y la visita de los pastores al Salvador.

En primer lugar, algo que ha sido pasado por alto puede ser de mucho valor. Por ejemplo, la llegada del Salvador al mundo fue prácticamente inadvertida y su tan esperada venida pasó casi desapercibida. Pero lo que Jesús logró con su vida, sufrimiento, muerte y resurrección, hace que para las almas pecadoras sea más precioso que el oro.

Eso es lo que Pablo estaba tratando de comunicar cuando escribió: "En él (Jesucristo) tenemos la redención por medio de su sangre, el perdón de los pecados según las riquezas de su gracia, la cual desbordó sobre nosotros en toda sabiduría y entendimiento..." (Efesios 1:7-8).

Las riquezas de su gracia. Por gracia somos salvos. Por gracia somos adoptados en la familia de la fe de Dios. Por gracia recibimos vida eterna. Todo por gracia.

Gracia que es mejor que el oro o cualquier manuscrito antiguo.

ORACIÓN: Padre celestial, gracias por los dones que nos das y que muchas veces no vemos o no reconocemos. Perdónanos por nuestra falta de visión y ayúdanos a comprender cada vez más quién es Jesús y lo que él ha hecho por nosotros. En su nombre. Amén

© Copyright 2017 Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones.

Our Daily Bread - Sweet Scent

Thanks be to God, who . . . uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere. 2 Corinthians 2:14

Author Rita Snowden tells a delightful story about visiting a small village in Dover, England. Sitting outside a café one afternoon enjoying a cup of tea, she became aware of a beautiful scent. Rita asked a waiter where it was coming from, and was told it was the people she could see passing by. Most of the villagers were employed at a nearby perfume factory. As they walked home, they carried the fragrance that permeated their clothes out into the street.

What a beautiful image of the Christian life! As the apostle Paul says, we are the aroma of Christ, spreading His fragrance everywhere (2 Cor. 2:15). Paul uses the image of a king returning from battle, his soldiers and captives in tow, wafting the smell of celebratory incense in the air, declaring the king’s greatness (v. 14).

We spread the aroma of Christ in two ways. First, through our words: telling others about the One who is beautiful. Second, through our lives: doing deeds of Christlike sacrifice (Eph. 5:1–2). While not everyone will appreciate the divine fragrance we share, it will bring life to many.

Rita Snowden caught a scent and was driven to seek its source. As we follow Jesus we too become permeated with His fragrance, and we carry His aroma into the streets through our words and deeds.

Lord Jesus, make us carriers and communicators of Your beauty to the people in our homes, offices, and neighborhoods.

We are the aroma of Christ to others.

© 2017 Our Daily Bread Ministries

Lời Sống Hằng Ngày - Hương Thơm Ngọt Ngào
Đọc: Thi Thiên 148:1-6 | Đọc Kinh Thánh suốt năm: 2 Sa-mu-ên 6-8; Lu-ca 15:1-10

Tạ ơn Đức Chúa Trời, là Đấng... làm cho hương thơm về sự hiểu biết Ngài lan tỏa khắp nơi. 2 Cô-rinh-tô 2:14

Tác giả Rita Snowden kể một câu chuyện thú vị về chuyến thăm một ngôi làng ở Dover, Anh quốc. Một chiều nọ khi đang ngồi ngoài quán cà phê để thưởng thức một tách trà, cô ngửi thấy một mùi hương rất dễ chịu. Rita hỏi người phục vụ là mùi hương đó tỏa ra từ đâu, và được trả lời là từ những người dân đi ngang qua đó. Hầu hết người dân ở đây đều làm việc tại xưởng sản xuất nước hoa gần đó. Khi đi làm về, họ mang theo mùi hương quyện trong áo quần lan tỏa khắp đường phố.

Thật là một hình ảnh đẹp cho cuộc đời Cơ Đốc nhân! Như sứ đồ Phao-lô nói, chúng ta là hương thơm của Đấng Christ, lan tỏa hương thơm ấy khắp mọi nơi (2 Cô-rinh-tô 2:15). Phao-lô sử dụng hình ảnh vị vua trở về từ chiến trường, kéo theo quân lính và phu tù, thoảng mùi hương chiến thắng trong không gian, công bố sự vĩ đại của vị vua đó (c.14).

Theo Phao-lô, chúng ta rải mùi hương của Đấng Christ ra bằng hai cách. Thứ nhất, chúng ta rải qua lời nói của mình: nói cho người khác biết về một Đấng vô cùng tuyệt vời. Thứ hai, qua đời sống chúng ta: sống hy sinh như Đấng Christ đã sống (Ê-phê-sô 5:1-2). Dù không phải ai cũng trân trọng hương thơm thiên thượng mà chúng ta chia sẻ, nhưng hương thơm ấy sẽ đem lại sự sống cho nhiều người.

Rita Snowden đã ngửi thấy mùi hương và được thúc giục để tìm xem mùi hương ấy tỏa ra từ đâu. Khi chúng ta theo Chúa Jêsus, chúng ta cũng thấm nhuần mùi hương của Ngài, và chúng ta mang hương thơm ấy vào mọi nẻo đường qua lời nói và việc làm của mình.

Lạy Chúa Jêsus, xin khiến con trở nên người mang vẻ đẹp của Ngài và truyền vẻ đẹp ấy đến những người trong gia đình, nơi công sở, và xóm giềng của chúng con.

Chúng ta là hương thơm của Đấng Christ lan tỏa đến tha nhân.

Nuestro Pan Diario - Grato olor
Leer: 2 Corintios 2:14-16 | La Biblia en un año: 2 Samuel 6–8; Lucas 15:1-10

Mas a Dios gracias, el cual […] por medio de nosotros manifiesta […] el olor de su conocimiento.… (v. 14).

La escritora Rita Snowden cuenta que, una tarde, sentada afuera de un café en Dover, Inglaterra, mientras disfrutaba una taza de té, sintió un aroma delicioso. Rita le preguntó al mesero de dónde venía, y este respondió que era la gente que pasaba. La mayoría de los pueblerinos trabajaban en una fábrica cercana de perfume. Cuando regresaban a su casa, llevaban a la calle la fragancia que les impregnaba la ropa.

¡Qué hermosa imagen de la vida cristiana! Como dice el apóstol Pablo, somos el grato olor de Cristo, y llevamos su fragancia a todas partes (2 Corintios 2:15). Pablo usa la imagen de un rey que regresa de la batalla emanando el aroma celebrador del incienso por el aire, para declarar su grandeza (v. 14).

Según Pablo, esparcimos el aroma de Cristo de dos maneras. Primero, a través de nuestras palabras; cuando hablamos sobre nuestro hermoso Señor. Segundo, con nuestra vida; al hacer obras de sacrificio como el de Cristo (Efesios 5:1-2). Aunque no todos aprecien la fragancia divina que emanamos, será como una esencia de vida para muchos.

Snowden captó un aroma y quiso conocer su fuente. Cuando seguimos a Jesús, nosotros también quedamos impregnados de su fragancia, y llevamos su aroma a las calles a través de nuestras palabras y obras.

Señor, que podamos llevar y comunicar tu belleza a los demás.

Somos el aroma de Cristo para los demás.

Unser Täglich Brot - Süßer Duft
Lesen: 2.Korinther 2,14-16 | Die Bibel In Einem Jahr: 2.Samuel 6–8; Lukas 15,1-10

Gott aber sei gedankt, der . . . offenbart den Wohlgeruch seiner Erkenntnis durch uns an allen Orten. 2.Korinther 2,14

Die Autorin Rita Snowden erzählte einmal von ihrem Besuch in einem kleinen Dorf bei Dover in England. Als sie vor einem Café saß und ihren Nachmittagstee trank, fiel ihr ein angenehmer Duft auf. Sie fragte die Bedienung, wo er herkam, und erfuhr, dass er von den vorbeigehenden Passanten rührte. Die meisten Dorfbewohner arbeiteten in der nahen Parfümfabrik. Wenn sie heimgingen, hing der Duft noch in ihren Kleidern und sie trugen ihn hinaus auf die Straße.

Was für ein Bild für das Leben des Christen! Wie der Apostel Paulus sagt, sind wir ein Wohlgeruch Christi und verbreiten seinen Duft überall (2.Kor. 2,15). Paulus gebraucht das Bild von einem König, der vom Kampf heimkehrt, Soldaten und Gefangene im Schlepptau. Mit Weihrauch wird der Sieg gefeiert und der König bejubelt (V.14).

Paulus sagt, wir verbreiten den Wohlgeruch Christi auf zweierlei Weise. Einmal durch unsere Worte, indem wir anderen von unserem großen Gott erzählen. Dann aber auch durch unser Leben, indem wir zum Opfer bereit sind wie Jesus (Eph. 5,1-2). Auch wenn der göttliche Duft, den wir verbreiten, nicht jedem gefallen wird, wird er doch vielen Leben bringen.

Rita Snowden bemerkte einen Duft und wollte wissen, woher er kam. Wenn wir Jesus folgen, wird sein Duft auch uns einhüllen und wir können ihn durch unsere Worte und Taten in die Straßen tragen.

Herr Jesus, mach uns zu Trägern und Vermittlern deiner Schönheit für die Menschen bei uns zuhause, im Büro und der Nachbarschaft.

Wir sind für andere ein Wohlgeruch Christi.

Notre Pain Quotidien - D’une bonne odeur
Lisez : 2 Corinthiens 2.14‑16 | La Bible en un an : 2 SAMUEL 6 – 8 et LUC 15.1‑10

Grâces soient rendues à Dieu, qui [...] répand par nous en tout lieu l'odeur de la connaissance ! V.14

L’auteur Rita Snowden raconte la merveilleuse histoire de la visite qu’elle a faite d’un petit village des environs de Douvres, en Angleterre. Assise à la terrasse d’un café en train de savourer une tasse de thé un après‑midi, elle a soudain humé une bonne odeur. Rita a alors demandé au garçon d’où elle venait, et celui‑ci lui a répondu qu’elle venait des gens qui passaient par là. La plupart des villageois travaillaient dans une parfumerie du coin. En rentrant à la maison, ils emportaient dans la rue la fragrance qui avait imprégné leurs vêtements.

Quelle superbe image de la vie chrétienne ! Comme le dit l’apôtre Paul, nous sommes la bonne odeur de Christ, qui se répand partout (2 CO 2.15). Paul emploie l’image d’un roi qui rentre d’une bataille, suivi de ses soldats et de ses prisonniers, exhalant le parfum de la victoire et déclarant la grandeur du roi (V. 14).

Selon Paul, nous répandons la bonne odeur de Christ de deux façons. Premièrement, par nos paroles : en parlant de celui qui est la beauté personnifiée. Deuxièmement, par notre vie : en agissant à l’exemple du sacrifice de Christ (ÉP 5.1,2). Bien que tous n’aimeront pas le parfum que nous exhalons, reste qu’il apportera la vie à un grand nombre de gens.

Rita Snowden a humé une senteur qui l’a poussée à en chercher la source. En suivant Jésus, nous en prenons aussi la fragrance, que nous emportons dans la rue par nos paroles et nos actions.

Nous répandons l’arôme de Christ autour de nous.

Хліб Наш Насущній - Пахощі

А Богові подяка, що… запашність знання про Себе через нас виявляє на всякому місці! — 2 Коринтян 2:14

Авторка Ріта Сноуден розповідає чудову історію про те, як колись відвідала одне маленьке містечко в Дуврі (Англія). Якось після обіду вона сиділа біля кав’ярні, насолоджуючись чашкою чаю. Аж раптом відчула чудовий аромат. Вона запитала офіціанта, звідки йдуть ті пахощі, і той пояснив їй – що від людей, які проходять повз. Більшість жителів містечка працювали на парфумерній фабриці неподалік. І коли вони повертались додому, то розносили вулицями запахи, що просякли їхній одяг.

Яка чудова ілюстрація християнського життя! Апостол Павло писав, що “Христова запашність” розповсюджується усюди (2 Кор. 2:15). Апостол описує тріумфальний хід царя, що повертається з переможного походу. Йдуть воїни… низка бранців. А в повітрі відчувається аромат фіміаму, що його кадять на честь царя-переможця (2 Кор. 2:14).

Павло вказує, що нести Христову запашність можна двома шляхами. Перший спосіб – наші слова, коли ми розповідаємо іншим про Ісуса. Другий спосіб – наше життя, коли наші діла відображають Христа і стають, таким чином, “даром і жертвою” Богу (Еф. 5:1-2). Хоча далеко не кожному сподобається аромат, що ми несемо, але багатьом він принесе життя.

Якщо слідуємо за Ісусом, Його “аромат” просякає нас, і ми несемо цю “запашність” іншим через свої слова й діла.

Господи Ісусе, зроби нас носіями та провідниками Твоєї краси для людей в наших домах, офісах та вулицях.

Ми – запашність Христова для інших людей.

Хлеб наш насущный - Благоухание
Читать сейчас: 2 Коринфянам 2:14-16 | Библия за год: 2 Царств 6-8; Луки 15:1-10

Благодарение Богу, Который... благоухание познания о Себе распространяет нами во всяком месте. — 2 Коринфянам 2:14

Писательница Рита Сноуден рассказывает очаровательную историю о посещении небольшой деревушки в Англии. Сидя после обеда возле кафе с чашкой чая, она вдруг почувствовала в воздухе изумительный аромат. Рита поинтересовалась у официанта, что это такое. Тот ответил, что пахнут люди, проходящие мимо кафе. Большинство жителей деревушки работали на парфюмерной фабрике, расположенной неподалеку. Когда они шли с работы, запах, пропитавший их одежду, разносился в воздухе.

Какая прекрасная иллюстрация христианской жизни! Как говорит апостол Павел, мы – благоухание Христово, распространяющее во всяком месте познание о Нем (2 Кор. 2:14-15). Павел обращается к церемонии возвращения царя после победы над врагами. Его воины, а также захваченные пленники чувствовали в воздухе запах благовоний, возвещавших величие царства.

Согласно Павлу мы распространяем благоухание Христово двумя способами. Во-первых, мы распространяем его словесно, рассказывая людям о Спасителе. А во-вторых, мы это делаем своей жизнью, совершая дела, отражающие Христову жертвенность (Еф. 5:1-2). Хотя не все оценят божественный аромат, многим он принесет жизнь.

Рита Сноуден уловила запах и захотела найти его источник. Следуя за Христом, мы также пропитаемся Его благоуханием и понесем его в мир своими словами и делами.

Господь Иисус, сделай нас носителями Твоей красоты там, где мы живем, работаем или оказываемся случайно.

Мы – Христово благоухание для людей.